ASTUS 16.1

Target audience: seaside,beach,lakes, daily sailing with families or friends,clubs,.etc

Place of production: France


The ASTUS 16.1 is one of the most popular trimarans in Europe, designed by the French company ASTUS.

The Ultimate Dayboat

The Astus 16.1 trimaran was born from the desire tocreate a family-friendly dayboat offering maximum pleasure with minimum hassle. Its simplicity makes it accessible to novice sailors whilst its high sail area over weight ratio (17.2m² for 240kg) will get even the most experienced sailors excited. The multihull design enables the Astus 16.1 to achieve greater speeds than a monohull effortlessly, increasing the range of places you can reach within a day. Thanks to its simplicity and versatility you will want to take it to your favouritesailing spots all year long.


If you are new to sailing and looking for a boat easy to handle, look no further. The Astus 16.1 has foils built in each float, making a centreboard redundant. Hence you won't need to worry about hitting the bottom: the Astus 16.1's shallow draught (0.25 m) will enable you to wander through shallow creeks in total peace of mind. Reducing sail is easy with the jib and boomlessmainsail. The mast can be stepped up and the boat rigged in less than 30 minutes by a single person.


The Astus 16.1's floats are mounted on telescopic arms and can be extended or folded within seconds on the water as well as on shore. Thanks to this ingenious design the boat canbe launched from narrow slip ways and moored in monohull marinaberths, whilst offering full stability on the water with the floats extended.


If you wish to initiate your children to the fun ofsailing, the last thing you want is to scare them away. The Astus 16.1's two floats of 330 litres each and the hull and floats include foam buoyancy,give it unique stability. In a stable boat that doesn't heel your young children will be much more confident and free to enjoy the fun, whilst the boomless mainsail means no sore heads after tacking and gybing! 


Technical Data

Length overall
Auxiliary power(Optional)
Outboard engine
 Jib+ Mainsail