Target audience: youth training & racing

Place of production: Jiangsu

Honor: World Class


OPTIMIST was born in 1947 when a group of parents suggested the famous boat designer Mr. Clark Mills design a sailboat for children to enrich their spare time. This boat is small, single-handle and easy to learn, just like the go-carts of sailboats. The most important feature of an OPTIMIST sailboat is that it can bring happiness to children and build good character.

Today in more than 100 countries throughout the world, 1,500,000 youths and children are training with and being entertained by this type of boat. Nearly 80% of sailboat fans make an OPTIMIST their first sailboat. Many children achieved their blue dreams with it.

More than 85% of Olympic champions started their training career with an OPTIMIST which is a very high portion. The OPTIMIST produced by Far East Boats ranks the top three in quality and numbers. In the National Games of China from 2005 to 2009, the Championship Games of Asia in 2009, the Championship Games of South America in 2010, the Asian Games (Guangzhou) in 2011, and the Worldwide Championship Games in 2010 to 2012, FAREAST could always be found as a professional equipment provider.

Now choose a fashionable water sport product for your children and make his/her childhood filled with extraordinarily happiness and joy.

Technical Data

Length overall
Mast height
Length of the boom
Mainsail area
Ship weight
Crew number
Ideal load