FAR EAST launches international cooperation projects on boot Düsseldorf 2020

Jan. 2020

On January 18th, boot Düsseldorf opened and has made a brilliant start to the new decade with a hugely successful event. Visitors were enthusiastic about the wide-ranging program and the enormous selection of products and services provided by the more than 1,900 exhibitors from 71 countries. More than 250.000 water sports fans from 106 countries made their way to Düsseldorf for boot 2020. It is the biggest water sports trade fair in the world, with 230,000 square meters of stand space spread over 17 halls on the exhibition site.

As the leading boat manufacturing brand from China, FAR EAST has displayed the flagship FAREAST 28R keelboat, the S\V 14 charity project and the new Oriental 3 dinghy. More importantly, we also launched several international cooperation projects. This not only helps to show our strength of “made in China” and also to serve as a window to enhance the communication between China and other countries on the development concept of sailing.

The charity project S\V 14

Since the charity project S\V 14 was officially announced in 2019, FAR EAST has made great efforts to support the project and build the boats at cost price. When the CE certification was due at the end of the production tooling, IMCI took over this task for a symbolic amount to add their support to the project. Ulrich Heinemann, CEO of IMCI says: “It is a pleasure to support this charity project. The boat complies with the latest ISO standards and is matching the Recreational Craft Directive in Module A1 in Category C.”

In 2020, the S\V 14 will be used in the Inclusion Sailing World Championship, with three regattas in the Netherlands. What is more noteworthy is that the Helga Cup. Inclusion, U80 Cup and Helgahard Cup. Inclusion of the three famous German events will all be introduced with S\V 14 boat, and the event will be held in Hamburg, Germany.

FAREST 28R Achieved higher

Since its launch in 2014, FAREST 28R keelboat has quickly become popular both in international and domestic regattas. So far, 500 boats have been sold worldwide, making it the best boat of its type in the world in recent years.

This year, the FAREAST 28R will sail in the Kieler Woche, which is the oldest German regatta series, whose history goes back to 1882, consistently maintains tradition and at the same time puts itself in position year after year with innovations.

Besides, the FAREAST 28R World Championship will be held in Kiel, Germany. The world championship has been officially favored by the famous sailing equipment brand Racegeek as one of the official sponsors. At the exhibition, Maarten Voogd, the designer of FAREAST 28R, ordered the 500th boat. As a client, he signed a contract with Demolar Du, the chairman of FAR EAST brand.

Oriental 3 debut at boot

Our dinghy family welcomes the new Oriental 3. This PE dinghy is extremely impact-resistant and almost indestructible. It is an ideal boat for young amateurs, training centers and sailing clubs with easy maintenance and affordable price. Beside, we revolutionized the manufacture process. We use the latest 3D design and adapt aluminum alloy mold and CNC milled, which sets the tolerance to almost zero and delivers a high quality. Furthermore, the Oriental 3 has many colors to choose, and just come to pick up your favorite version!

At last, the boot Düsseldorf is a good start in 2020. Now the economic environment is still not very optimistic, we will continue to seek breakthrough, review the past achievements and create new heights.