“Small Dinghy, Big World” meeting RYA DINGHY SHOW


RYA DINGHY SHOW was hold in London, UK from 29th of February to 1st of March in 2020. It’s the world’s only event focusing on Dinghy area. Over 170 exhibitors spread in the four main areas, including Dinghy, Retailer, Yachts devices, Equipment, Training center, Clubs, Resort and Supporting services. Audiences of all ages can enjoy 360° virtual water experience, Sailing simulator, eSailing virtual yachting race, dinghy models, etc.


Fareast distributor in England “Activate Switch Limited”, presenting Fareast 19R, welfare project: S\V 14, Fareast Ribs and brand new Oriental 3 dinghy, participated the show and attracted amounts of order consultation. The old friends of Fareast: Sailing industry leader - Harken, Robline and Selden also appeared on the show.

“Dinghy brings opportunities to the world.” Whether professional sailors or the masses, they can dig out new opportunities and values in this show, such as onshore races, voyage around the world and vocation with families and friends. What’s more, many young sailors were attracted to the site. It has become a paradise bleeding young sailing. They will bring vigorous vitality to this traditional sport.

In recent years, with the popularizing of sailing sport in China, more and more young people get involved and show their love to the antient sport. They are playing a positive drive of the popularization of Sailing Sport in China and worldwide sea culture exchange. Fareast Oriental 3, presented on “RYA Dinghy Show” is the entry-level product aiming for the development of young sailing sport. Once on display, because of fantastic stability, simple operation and easy maintenance, it attracted countless eyes.