“Small dinghy, Big responsibility” Far East is proudly capable of assisting marine economy development


2020 CHINA MARINE ECONOMY EXPO (CMEE) was successfully held in Shenzhen from 15 to 18 October, 2020. As China Marine Top Expo, CMEE is the only national comprehensive marine expo and international economy and trade show in China. This year, the committee themed the EXPO with “Open Cooperation, Win-win and Sharing”, focusing on “Ships and port shipping”, “Ocean resource development”, “High-end marine equipment”, “Ocean electronic information”, “Marine biomedicine” and “Marine ecological environment protection and safety”. To build a high-end economy and trade platform accelerating international cooperation in marine economy, CMEE gathered several industries and perspectives to jointly discuss high-quality development of marine economy.

As native yachts brand, Far East exhibited on invitation with new product “Oriental 3”, and showed visually shocking pictures and videos to introduce FAREAST 28R, FAREAST 31R, etc. High-quality and distinctive yachts from Far East had fascinated lots of visitors and exhibitors.

Oriental 3, inheriting OPTIMIST boat design, is the new comer of Far East dinghy family, specially designed for zero-based and club youth training. Thanks to aluminum alloy mold and CNC precision machining, consistence is confirmed throughout hull design, mold and finished product, contributing to the smallest deformation and tolerance of the hull. Oriental 3 uses sandwich structure inside and constructed with high strength and density PE material. Whether integrally or partially, Oriental 3 has the best strength, best maintainability, best impact resistance and best cost performance. Moreover, there are couple of hull paintings from cool to warm colors to choose.

FAREAST 28R Keelboat is the first WOLRD SAILING One Design Class boat that coming from Chinese brand. INTERNATIONAL FAREAST 28R CLASS ASSOCIATION is to introduce the boat, set manufacturing standard and connect between dealers and customers. Excepted for class-confirmed world or continental championship, the FAREAST 28R has been successively selected as the One Design Class racing boat by the Men’s and Women's International Match Racing Series, Southeast Asian Games, ASAF Asian Sailing Championships, CHINA CUP and City Club Open Regatta, etc.

Speed racing boat – FAREAST 31R GRP “KUAI”adopted a cutting-edge hull and innovative bow design, which confirmed incomparably speed of light and agile sailing. It just won the champion of keelboat medium class and the fastest monohull in Silverrudder challenge, yearly held on 18, September.

2020 CMEE had held a forum around macro trend and forward-looking expertise of marine economy development, as well as 18 professional forums focusing on marine frontier technical issues, leaving wonderful and continuous highlights.

On 17, October, Ms. Du Yingying, Chairman of FAREAST, was invited to attend “China Marine Culture Development Summit Forum and Sailing Boats Sales Signing Ceremony”. A total of 6 guests attended the forum, such as Liang junqian, former deputy director of Ocean Administration; Anran, deputy director of Shenzhen Institute of sustainable development and marine economy; Song Kun, the first Chinese woman sailor finishing the circumnavigation, etc. They made speeches in the sea culture theme of “Shipping the dream, Navigating the sea”.

Ms. Du Yingying, Chairman of FAREAST, gave a speech named “Hugging the Ocean, Travel together —— the establishment of World Sailing Association”. Chairman Du showed the great achievement deeply implanted in the world sailing stage and the development target in the future.

After Chairman Du’s speech finished, the guests witnessed the ceremony of strategic cooperation and boat sales between Shanghai Fareast FRP Boats Co., Ltd and UU Sailing Sport Service (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Totally 10 keel boat would be delivered at the end of this year in Shenzhen. UU sailing holds the UU Sailing Service Platform and innovative operation mode of sharing boats, serving the users online through UU SERVICE-APP, expanding the offline bases of Sailing Service, building the leading and creative service mode of O2O sailing support and sharing boats.

Fareast is a national enterprise aimed in building “International Brand in China, China Brand in the world”. In the past 18 years, Fareast struggled and succeed to become the world-famous brand in boat industry. Finally, relying on the high-quality products and services, Fareast won the first seat of UU Sailing Sharing Boats Cooperators. In the future, both sides will practice the theme of the exhibition: “Open Cooperation, Win-win and Sharing”, bringing more sailing boats braving the wind and waves to Shenzhen, working together to create brilliant one-stop sailing service experience, refining on the development of marine economy