S\V14 supports German first Inclusive sailing league


2nd July 2021, the first German Inclusive League was held at outer Lake Alster in Hamburg. Far East Boats provided all 7 S\V14 sailboats as racing equipment which are specially developed for sailing enthusiasts with disability.

Sailing is the art of moving a boat by harnessing the power of wind. Mastery over over-changing conditions requires both great skill and experience. While the Inclusive League is trying to set up a platform for those sailing lovers but with reduced mobility to learn and compete in a relatively fair and comfortable environment and showcase their perseverance and talents.

The kick-off Inclusive League was mixed with German Sailing League Hamburg stopover at the same time this year. Inspired by the event, the participants were all excited and looking forward to see Inclusive League further expanded to all existing German Sailing League’s 18 clubs.

Each S\V14 is sailed by one person with physical fitness and another person with disability. “Of course we are happy and I am especially happy because I always cross the finish line ahead of my helmsman”, joked Vorschoter Siegmund Mainka. He and his team mate Jurgen  Brietzke won the first place in this regatta. Siegmund Mainka got the gold medal of Mixed Three Person Sonar in 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games. He added, "It's a very promising event, it's fun, everyone in the race comes home with satisfaction".

In the early development stage of S\V14 project, designers from Simonis-Voogd, the initiator of the project Peter Jacops, Russel Vollmer, the ex-commodore of the Royal Cape Yacht Club took comprehensive consideration and tackled the pain points which the traditional para sail boats did not fully respond to the present need of para sailors.

The simplicity of the S\V 14 reduces the demand to the minimum but just one thing above all from the sailors: tactics and brains. The faces and smiles of the sailors showed that this is particularly fun - without words.

 In 2018, as a long-term partner of Simonis Voogd, Far East Boats jumped into this project and committed to firstly mass produce S\V14s with a non-profit price, in order to give back to the international sailing community.

Demolar Du, the President of Far East Boats said, "our involvement of S\V14 project started in 2018. During our daily business, we realized there is about 15% of the world population who are with disability. They should not be forgotten and should be entitled to go and enjoy sailing just as what normal people does. As an international boat builder, we are determined to take our responsibility to provide this group of people with suitable, quality and easy accessed products.”

In August, NRV (Norddeutsche Regatta Verein), one of the Germany's oldest and largest sailing clubs, will host the second Inclusive World Champion for Sailing, which will be held in Lake Alster, the center of Hamburg. The same fleet of S\V14 will be provided to the worldwide participants.

Far East Boats is more than happy to co-operate with all interested parties to make sailing barrier-free to all kinds of people and relay our love and care to those people in need.