2018 FAREAST 28R World Championship to be held at Fuxian Lake, China


On the 2nd July in Shanghai, Yuxi City People’s Government signed an event agreement with Shanghai Far East FRP Boat Co., Ltd. and both parties agreed to host 2018 FAREAST 28R World Championship at Yuxi, Yunnan, China. The event will be held from 8th to 14th of October at Fuxian Lake, and more than 20 top sailing teams from all the world are expected to compete in this second FAREAST 28R World Championship for the glory of as champion.

Fuxian Lake is the deepest lake in Yunnan, with its 155 meters depth at its greatest. It is also the second deepest fresh water lake in China, spanning an area of 212 square kilometers with an average depth of 96 meters. This environment could not be better suited to host sailing events. Since 2014 several sailing regattas have been held at this lake, and FAREAST 28R were widely selected as racing equipment. 

The event will be hosted by International FAREAST 28R Class Association, jointly with Chinese Yachting Association, Yunnan Sports Bureau, People’s Government of Yuxi City.

The first Fareast 28R World Championship was held at Malmo Sweden in 2017, which was seen a great success for this newly World Sailing approved One-Design Class.

With the continue and positive support from Yuxi government, such event happened at Yuxi city will greatly boost local sailing sports and push the Chinese sailing sports moving forward as well.

 “Fuxian Lake is the drinkable water source of China and it is my great honor to see 2018 Fareast 28R World Championship settled at this beautiful Lake in the end. I truly believe the event will step up in regards of breadth and depth, and with a strong international influence”, says Ms. Demolar Du Yingying, the president of International FAREAST 28R Class Association said that.