2019 China Sailing City Conference held at Haikou

Nov. 2019

2019 China Sailing City Conference was held at Haikou on November 16. The conference was governed by World Sailing, General Administration of Sport of China and Hainan Province Government, hosted by China Yachting Association, Department of tourism and culture of Hainan Province and Haikou Municipal Government.

The conference focused the discussion on how to realize the economic and social benefits of the sailing industry, and how to integrate the upstream and downstream industry chains behind the sailing sport, and how to use sailing as a carrier to stimulate and promote the urban development of regional economy.

At the conference, Zhang Xiaodong, chairman of China Yachting Association, affirmed the importance of sailing industry for the development of urban industry in her speech, "as an important sign of economic development and civilization progress of waterfront cities, sailing industry is an important carrier to change the image of domestic waterfront cities and promote their economic transformation and development."

Kim Andersen, chairman of the World Sailing, paid great attention to the development of China's sailing projects, including FAREAST 28R class keelboat. He has been in good contact with CYA for many years.

Demolar Du, chairman of FAR EAST brand, said, "It was meaningful to participate in this event. For us, it is a very positive signal, and the future development of Chinese sailing industry is promising. On the basis of manufacturing industry, we will also make more active exploration on the integration of upstream and downstream industry chains and make contribution to the development of Chinese sailing industry.