On 3th of January, 2020, OCEANWAY CHINA YACHTS AWARDS CEREMONY 2019 was grandly held by OCEANWAY YACHTS and CCYIA in Shenzhen. More than 200 yacht industry peers and guests from all walks of life took part in this annual yacht industry event and jointly witnessed the announcement of 7 categories including 18 individual OCEANWAY YACHTS AWARDS.

In that bright and wonderful night, Ms. Du, the chairman of FAREAST, was invited to award in the ceremony as an award-winning guest. She expressed her honor and pride when FAREAST was honored INNOCATION YACHTS AWARDS. As the top brand contributing to yachts industry of China, Far East would continually develop products, technology, quality and efficiency to build a national brand with global perspective and market. 

In the afternoon forum, Mr. Zhen Weihang, the executive Vice President and Secretary General of CCYIA, interpreted the current yachts relevant policies. Mr. Zhuang Shaorong, the president of OCEANWAY, interpreted the yachts market with data, explored ideas with the on-site guests about the industry condition and future vision.

FAREAST will never forget the support and acknowledge from the organizer and judges. This honor encourages every FAREASTer to unlimitedly innovating. We will struggle forward and draw the future together with Yachts Industry of China