A bulletin of glad tidings! The Fareast 42C won the Gussies Electric Boat Award

November 2, 2023

In the early morning of October 29, Fareast Technology received a notice from the organizing committee of the Gussies 2023 Electric Boat AwardFareast 42C won first place in the "Electric Sailboats" category. The decision was made by more than 5,000 online votes and an international jury of 25 electric boat experts.


The Gussies Electric Boat Awards is the only international boat award specifically for electric boats, Fareast 42C is also the only Chinese vessel to win the international award.


The Fareast 42C catamaran is proud to have been selected among the nine boats shortlisted in the "Electric Sailing" category. There are many new models of well-known brands such as sunreef 70 Eco, X-Yachts X49E and so on. This award is thanks to every partner who voted for Fareast 42C,it is your strong support that has allowed Fareast Technology and Chinese boat brands to shine on the international stage.


Since its world debut at the Shanghai International Boat Show in March this year, the Fareast 42C catamaran has received wide attention at home and abroad. Fareast 42C was designed by SIMONIS VOOGD DESIGN, an internationally renowned boat design firm. The ship is 12.55 meters long and 6.8 meters wide. With modern aesthetic appearance, streamline modeling fashion simple.


The design of the 42C emphasizes space utilization, with an open deck at the bow and stern, plenty of leisure space is designed, with its own activity shade and collapsible fixed table. It can meet the space needed for outdoor leisure, chatting, fishing, sea viewing, meditation and other activities. This design is not only fully functional for private boat owners, but also attractive for the catamaran charter operation market.


The Fareast 42C also has the option of a new energy propulsion system, and the world's leading Marine inboard lithium power supply solution is provided by ePropulsion. The Fareast-ePropulsion version 42C new energy catamaran can sail for up to 20 hours and 100 nautical miles at cruising speed in full electric propulsion mode, can meet the needs of sailing training, commercial operations, sailing events, life leisure and other scenarios.


The two bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms designed by Fareast 42 provides the owner with private resting conditions and plenty of space for activities.


In the interior decoration, in addition to the standard configuration, the Fareast 42C can also provide an open version, that is, for the shipowner with higher requirements for the interior decoration, the permission of the interior decoration can be opened to the shipowner or interior designer. The Fareast 42C catamaran will be a true home at sea for shipowners. The high cost performance and high space utilization of the 42C catamaran will also be favored by the global catamaran charter market.


Construction of the first Fareast 42C catamaran will be completed in the first half of 2024, there are already several ships on order until the second half of 2024. This catamaran is the first catamaran launched by Fareast Technology to enter the catamaran market after 20 years of research and development and construction of racing boats. At the same time, it is also the initial attempt of the strategic transformation of Fareast technology into the field of electric and intelligent boats.


At the Dusseldorf Boat Show in Germany in January 2024, Fareast Technology will bring the new boat type and the Olympic sailing boat ILCA, and welcome media and customers to exchange views on the booth. The Fareast Technology booth is located in Hall 15, 15E34.