The Fareast 42C, China’s first pure electric offshore catamaran, makes its global debut!

March 29, 2023

 On March 29, at the "2023 China International Boat Industry Development Forum" of the 26th Shanghai International Boat Show, Fareast Technology released a heavy news: the newly developed mass production ship model Fareast 42C catamaran will come out in 2023, and Fareast Technology officially opened the era of leisure boats.

The global launch of the Fareast 42C is not only a milestone event for Fareast to break through the 40-foot mark, but also a new start for Fareast Technology and Epropulsion Technology to jointly explore zero-emission green water travel. Fareast - Epropulsion 42C new energy catamaran is China's first pure electric offshore catamaran. Epropulsion Technology provides a complete ship electric propulsion system customized solution, including power battery, propulsion system and control system. The unique design concept of Fareast 42C will lead the new trend of customizable catamarans in mass production, and provide a common innovation trend for catamaran enthusiasts around the world.

20 years of quality assurance, active transformation to reproduce innovation

We have insisted on doing one thing in the past 20 years, which is to deeply cultivate sailing products, seriously polish shipbuilding technology, and support the development of the industry with our practical practice. In the past 20 years, Fareast  has also done one thing right: maintain innovation and provide products that meet the market demand. In 2023, Fareast Technology actively transformed, entered the field of catamarans, and took the lead in applying new energy power to catamarans in China. This is based on the judgment of the development of the global sailing market, and is also an important decision made in line with the general trend of zero emission of new energy.

Fareast42C, reshaping Chinese people's perception of catamarans.

Designed by internationally renowned boat DESIGN firm SIMONIS VOOGD DESIGN, the Fareast 42C is 12.55 meters long and 6.8 meters wide. With modern aesthetic appearance, streamline modeling fashion simple. Embedded ultra-long plexiglass porthole, in the main salon area can enjoy 360° uninterrupted view, transparent lighting, in line with the Chinese people's requirements for home space. As always, the Fareast 42C catamaran has inherited the Fareast construction process, a global selection of suppliers and shipbuilding efficiency. It is planned to produce one boat per month for 6 months after mass production, and gradually increase to the factory speed of 2-4 boats per month, to alleviate the tight schedule of catamarans around the world.

Cross-border cooperation, work together to seek the future of new energy sailing

The Fareast 42C catamaran is also a masterpiece of cross-border cooperation. The Fareast-Epropulsion 42C has excellent nautical performance, with a maximum speed of 15 knots and a range of 100 nautical miles, and offers a variety of recharge modes, compatible with light, wind and lithium battery function modes. It can not only sail in coastal areas, but also be applied to rivers and lakes with high environmental protection requirements.