WMRT returns to Marstrand, Sweden

July 4-8, 2023

From 4th to 8th of this month in Marstrand, Sweden, the GKSS Swedish Cup sailing competition was held as scheduled in the eyes of all. The GKSS Swedish Cup Sailing Competition is one of the most important races in the World Championship Series of the WMRT World Sailing Tour.

 This competition gathered many of the top players of the competition, many of whom have participated in the America's Cup, SailGP Grand Prix and other events. Ten teams from the United States, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweden compete in the iconic competition venue, Marstrand Fjord. In the end, the Extend Commerce sailing team led by Swedish competitor Bjorn Hansen, known as the "Master of Marstrand", won the race, which is Hansen's seventh GKSS Swedish Cup title.

 Facing the new competition boat type Fareast 28R for the GKSS Swedish Cup, Bjorn Hansen said he had previously raced the Fareast 28R in the Monsoon Cup in Malaysia in 2016, and its faster, asymmetrical ball sail equipment made the competition more challenging. 

 At the same time, the GKSS Nordic Bank Cup women's sailing competition was successfully held in the same area from July 7-9. Six women's fleets piloting the Fareast28R compete. The WINGS sailing team led by Swedish women's competition contestant Anna Ösdling ultimately won the championship.