FAREAST28R supports WMRT Shenzhen Finals strongly

December 17, 2023

On December 17, the Shenzhen·Baoan Finals of the World Match Racing Tour came to a successful conclusion.

12 world-class match racing skippers led their teams to compete fiercely within 5 competition days. In the end, China One Ningbo Sailing Team , led by Ian Williams, successfully won the championship. This is China's Ningbo No. 1 winning the WMRT Finals again after four years. It is also Ian Williams' seventh WMRT championship trophy, breaking the previous championship record held by himself.

As early as 2021, Fareast28R has been confirmed by WMRT as the official competition boat for the Shenzhen Baoan Finals. If the world-class international events come to China, the excellent racing boats made in China should be provided to the world's top sailing teams, and the top Chinese brands must be displayed to all the world. And the opportunity finally came. As the first internationally one design class boat certified by the World Sailing in China and even in Asia, Fareast28R fully demonstrated what a top racing sailboat should be at this WMRT Shenzhen Finals.


As the most popular production in the Far East family, the hull of the Fareast 28R is made of new fiberglass composite materials. It utilizes foam sandwich structure and resin vacuum technology to ensure the hull is lightweight and strong through advanced manufacturing technology and processes. In addition, the masts of the internationally renowned brand Seldon and the winch system of HARKEN are uniformly used to ensure the uniformity of the boats and ensure the fairness of the event. In the last two competition days of this WMRT finals, the windy weather averaged 15 knots to 22 knots, requiring the fleet to frequently change sides. This also placed extremely high requirements on the stability of the equipment. Fareast 28R is certified by the World Sailing . A unified class of boats, she is perfectly adapted to the intensity of competition at the highest level.


Most of the 12 top match racing skippers on WMRT this time have sailed on the Fareast28R. Regarding the feeling of driving, they gave a common comment: This boat  is too fast, especially in strong winds. Her speed is so amazing that she was simply born for race.

 -After-sales service

In the world of sailing, Far East boats is one of the best in terms of brand influence. When it comes to after-sales service, the same goes for it.Far East boats paied more attentions on WMRT Shenzhen Finals.The service team arrived at the competition site in advance with maintenance equipment, hull accessories and other materials to provide various technical services. The Far East team spares no effort in manpower, material resources, time, and energy to ensure WMRT. At the same time, it also lets everyone know that when you choose Far East Sailing Boat, you choose strong after-sales protection.

In addition, in the Shenzhen finals, Megan Thomson once again drove the Fareast28R to create the history and became the first female skipper to stand on the podium of the WMRT finals.

This is Meghan's second visit to China. As early as 2019, she participated in the International Women’s Match Race China and won the championship. At that time, the One designed class boat of the competition was also Fareast 28R. This time when she came to Baoan, Shenzhen, she once again drove Fareast28R to create the best result among female skippers in the WMRT finals. After the race, she joked: The boat Fareast28R really brings me luck, and I hope I can continue to race with this boat next time. Her success will also inspire more female sailors to participate in sailing.

The event attracted a large number of citizens to watch the event, allowing citizens to learn the basics of sailing and competition, and experience sailing first-hand. It has effectively promoted the development of sailing in Shenzhen and even China.In the near future, there will not only be Chinese brand Fareast28R on the WMRT competition field, but also more Chinese skippers would have chance in match race.