Benefit a lot! The International Optimistic class sailing measurement training course was successfully concluded in Fareast

March 22, 2024

On March 22, the two-day 2024 International Optimist Dinghy Association(IODA) Measurement Clinic China  successfully ended in Fareast Qidong Factory. The training course was organized by the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA), supported by the China Yachting Association, and hosted by Shanghai Fareast  Technology Co., LTD. Since the open registration, it has attracted more than 40 students from all over the country and Hong Kong and Taiwan to actively apply, and finally 27 people have obtained the qualification for this training after IODA qualification review.

This is the first time that IODA has held an international surveying training course in China in nearly ten years. Olive Parker, Chair of the IODA Technical Committee, and Jean Luc Gauthier, international surveyor, came to China to teach, which shows the importance attached to this training.

As the host of this training course, Fareast also gave everything, and did its best to provide students with good learning conditions, high-quality equipment and services. Mr. Lu Weifeng, founder of Fareast, led the lecturers and students to visit the factory and introduced the production process of Optimist  in detail, so that the students could more intuitively understand the history of Optimist and the development situation in China.

The course details the types of surveyors, requirements and how to be a good one. In the course of teaching, the lecturers led the students to do practical exercises and carried out detailed measurements of the hull and accessories. The students were enthusiastic and actively involved. While gaining knowledge, but also improved their practical ability.

"I believe they will all become excellent surveyors in the future." We also hope that more qualified Chinese surveyors will participate in the International Optimist  Regatta in the future." Olive Parker, Chair of the IODA Technical Committee, spoke highly of and expected it.

Fraeast hopes to further promote the development of Optimist in China and has made great efforts in the preparation of this event.

Since its establishment in 2002, Fareast has been committed to the production of Optimist , and in the same year, it has obtained the Optimist class sailing certificate certified by ISAF, thus starting the "Optimist construction journey" belonging to Fareast. By 2007, Fareast had become the country's largest manufacturer of small sailboats, where it remains today. So far, Fareast has sold more than 10,000 Optimists. World Championships, Asian Championships, Asian Games, National Games, African Championships and other events can be seen everywhere, Fareast Optimist  provides a solid equipment for the development of global youth sailing.

The success of this 2024 IODA Measurement Clinic China is also inseparable from the strong support of the Chinese Yachting Association. "Fareast is one of the three shipyards in the country with Optimist manufacturing certification, and the choice to hold this event in Fareast also wanted our students and IODA officials to have a detailed understanding of the Optimist manufacturing process, which will be more helpful in the development of the measurement course. This class not only let our students gain a lot, but also let IODA Association see a good prospect for the development of Optimist in China. In the final analysis, we are all making our own contribution to the development of Optimist in the world and cultivating more professional talents." Wang Jiaxin, deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Yachting Association and Minister of the Competition Department, said.

It is believed that through the efforts of all parties, the development of optimist in China will be more professional and popular, and the future is promising!